Vysyamala Vinayagar Chaturthi Awards 2022

Season 11

Happy to announce Vysyamala’s Vinayagar Chaturthi Awards 2022 - Season 11. Thank you for your support through out the last 10 years. This is an initiative to discover and showcase the talents in our community.


1️⃣ Decorate your home Vinayagar and Gowramma on 31st August 2022

2️⃣ Take photos from your smart phone

3️⃣ Upload up to 10 photos in the below mentioned link along with your name, mobile number, gothram and city

📣 Exclusive for Arya Vysya Community

📆 Last Date of Submission: 4-Sep-2022

🖼️ All albums will be displayed in Vysyamala Portal

(Will be enabled on 31st August 2022, 6:00 a.m.)

🏆 Award Categories 🎉

This year, we will be selecting the albums based on the below Award Categories, depends on the number of entries, the number of Awards under each category will be decided. As usual, we have appointed a panel of judges for this Award Contest.

🪴 Best Eco-friendly Vinayagar Award

💡 Best Vinayagar Innovation Award

⛓️ Best Vinayagar Ornaments Award

🏞️ Best Vinayagar Park Award

✈️ Best NRI Vinayagar Award

😊 Best Gowramma Smiling Face Award

👑 Best Gowramma Ornaments Award

🥻 Best Gowramma Saree Draping Award

🎊 Best Overall Decoration Award

🔆 Best Lighting Decoration Award

🌸 Best Floral Arrangement Award

Contact Details

For more details, contact 8428 004 004