Vinayagar Chaturthi - Photo Contest - 2017
exclusive for arya vysya community


The primary objective of this activity is to build an online platform to showcase the talents of our community and enable thousands of people to view the decoration of others by sitting in their home.

Participation is very important. We are thankful to each and every one who have shared their photos with us. We are unable to shortlist just three participants and give away prizes. But, for motivating people, we have shortlisted some decorations, Best of 2017 Vinayagar Decorations are not just selected by number of votes.

We have appointed set of representatives from our community to pick the best decoration and out of consolidation of points, the best of 2017 Vinayagar Decorations are displayed in this page. Prizes will be sent to the winners shortly.

    Top Vinayagar Alankarams/Decoration
    Top Gowramma Alankarams/Decoration
    Top Overall Alankarams/Decoration
    Popular Entry based on Votes/Views
    Special Gifts


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