Vasavi's Resolve

The wise and the elders wanted their chieftain to find out as to what was in the mind of his daughter. It was their wish to take her along with them to the place of honour.The hoofs of the cows returning from the pasture in the evening were raising the dust on the streets, when Kusumaguptha was pondering over as to how to approach his daughter who was playing with her friends and her pet parrot in the garden. She saw her father in deep thougbt from, a distance and, came running to him, She dislodged her pet parrot which was talking to her in some unintelligible language from her shoulders to the bird stand. Vasavi sat beside her father and asked him why he was not jovial with her as he used to be. Kusumarya hesitatingly approached his daughter narrated the happenings and the resolve of the elders to enter the Homagundams and wanted to know her mind.

Vasavi knew the whole episode, but heard her father in rapt attention. Instinctively rather than reflectively she said,Dear father, I know all that had happened. I generated an abundant joy when I was born, but my unwanted presence at the kings reception is the cause for the trouble the citizens of Penugonda is facing to-day.

The desicion of the vysya elders with you as the guiding star to enter the fire pits is a noble one The Yagna will be remembered for generations to come. I will be the first person to enter the Homagundam. Others may follow me Such noble act will glorify the peace loving Arya Vysya sect for generations, millenium or yuga to come. At the oppor�tune moment will reveal my (identify) self.

Kusumarya was dumb founded when he heard the matured resolve of his daughter during Coh Dhooli lagna (evening). He remem�bered how her split second decisions helped the inner circle of the administrative council during her visits, when they could not arrive a decision. Her voice was calm and clear, firm and resolute. She was a picture of boldness and a halo appeared around her head and then vanished before the stunned chieftain regained his composure.Kusumarya felt immensely happy at the strong and swift firm and resolute decision taken by his dear child and lead the yagna by herself- Vasavis decision emboldened him and the Vysya lokam.

Rumours galore went (up) in the air that two days before the marriage the yagna would be performed.On the appointed day Maga Suddha Vidhia (in the month of Maga during the ascending node of moon) a gala procession started from Kusumarya�s palace. Princess Vasavi was bedecked with best of her jewels and got into a palanquin covered with a velvet top and net like white curtains on sides.Four sturdy bearers carried the palanquin with a number of beautiful girls as rear guard. Kusuma Guptha rode a caparisoned elephant leading the pro-cession, followed by his friends, relatives and the important couples who were to perform the yagna.

The procession wended its way to reach the temple of Sri Janardhana and Kone Kamala Devi.The congregation after paying their obeisance moved to sriNagareshwara swamy temple. Baskarapanthullu, thepreceptor of Vysya lokam was seated on a pedestal. The chief paid his obeisance to him with his wife Kusummba standing to his right. this is the custom of Hindu(grahasta)couple to adopt when they either pray to God with flowers or when they bless the young with Akshath.Vasavi then sought the blessings of her Guru. Then the whole congregation paid their obeisance to him Sri Baskaracharya blessed her and offered one Veerakankannam.

Vasavi then sought the blessings of her Guru. Then the whole congregation paid their obeisance to him Sri Baskaracharya blessed her and offered one Veerakankannam. A golden tray containing 102 pairs of veerakankannam and Thamboolam was circulated to each one of the holy participant couples. The participant couples of 102 gothra (presented) offered gold, rice, pulses, clothes and land to brahnins before the commencement of yagna.

One young man by name Dhanadha Sreshti (also known an Dhandhahya) of Kasyapa gothram came with his wife to participate in the yagna. His wish was not granted since he had no child to keep the family tree to branch out for his sect. His pursuation finally made others to accept his wish. As an act of appreciation and honour his name would be pronounced (mentioned) during counting of bushels of paddy or any saleable goods. Since the Vysya community consisted mainly of agricul�turists and traders the counting was a necessity. Instead of saying the first count as one, it will be called dhanadha or labha.

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