Vasavi - The Princess of Penugonda

Vasavi was taught fine arts and music by eminent persons . She visited the temple and spent a good deal of time there singing and meditating. Her devotion to Lord Shiva was well known, her services in the upkeep of the temple and interest in the pooja vidhanam depicted her natural divine instinct. Her lingers playing on the manikyaveena produced a tentalising music. The early morning song in Bhoopala raga sung byVasavi was instrumental in bringing out the divine aspect from the devotees present in the temple. The ragam known as Bhoopalam is usually sung early in the morning in temple premises. The devotee thinks that it is his duty to wake up God. The sound of Veena and her voice in Octave merged in faultless unison resembling as one voice, only in the end her voice mellowed into madyamastayee.

Her gaiety, poise and the soft divine song in Mohana raga before Sri Nagareswara in the evening lulled the men and women present in the temple into perfect devotion.The people thronged to the temple to have dharshan of God and to hear her music. Her concerts before her father and Baskaracharya made them think that she was none other than Saraswathi the Goddess of music and learning.

She was affectionate to her father and dear to her mother. Vasavi used to take her seat beside her father and listen with rapt attention during his discussions with Baskaracharya on political and ecclesiastical matters. Her suggestions to the inner council of ministers were most welcome, since they were fair and in accordance with the circumstances. kusumasreshti and his preceptor were amazed at her quick and right decisions. They thought that she was ordained to rule the world.

Her unattached views on the material world and unsatiating thirst for divine knowledge were noted by her parents. These aspects of Vasavi were the qualities which destined her to be a Gowrabalika. Gowrabalika means, a girl dedicated to serve God without getting married. Vasavi, the Princess of Penugonda was a teenage girl of exceptional beauty and wheat complexion. Her brother Virupaksha always loved her and was a source of strength and security.

She always moved with a bevy of girls and a parrot perched on her shoulders.

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