The Princess on the Pedestal of Freedom

The Nayaka Homagundam dominantly situated had a high pedestal which was gaily decorated with flowers: and pearls- that was for the Princess. Kusumarya with his consort Kusumamba and other Vysya couples, positioned on the pedestals constructed before 102 homagundams. The navaka peetam was arranged in such a pattern that all the other Homagundam with their pedastals were facing it in an arc like manner and in straight lines converging to the center.

Vasavi and others stood on the pedestals wearing the Veerakankannams, before the Homagundams, with its tongues of fire leaping and dancing as if inviting them to be transported to the heaven of Kailash, their former abode, having suffered the curse fully, gener�ated by a Gandharva Ring on them sixteen generations ago.

Vasavi was calm and peace reigned supreme on her face. Her chubby face and invigorative smile lulled them into silence. She slowly began to speak. Her words were of solace and comfort amidst the surcharged atmosphere and the heat of the yagasala. She infused courage and confidence into the younger generation. Her philosophy of ultimate truth instilled a strong satisfaction into the minds of the elders ready to sacrifice their lives. Hcr royal blue eyes, chisel cut nose, rosy cheeks and quivering lips partly hiding her pearl.white teeth presented a picture of a celestial nymph. Tier feminine frame supported by her slender waist, on well proportioned thighs and Lotus feet appeared like a sculpture on a pedestal. Though young, her tall and deminating presence and soothing words relieved her parents and other 101 de�voted couples, from the thoughts about their dear children's future.

The Homagundams lit with dried twigs, sandal wood and liberal pouring of ghee was throwing red light on the faces of the participants. The leaping tongues of fire were dancing in the air like kala sarpa (snakes of yore).

Vasavi, the darling child of Penugonda stood like a statue for a moment. -Her Bejewelled form, the head gear containing strings of golden yellow hued pushparaga rnani and Mahendra neela mani reflected a rich glow which changed the red hue of the fire into soft sea green flashes. The makarakundala (the dragon headed earrings) dangled in the air. When she moved her hands fast to show the fire pits before, her bangles clattered and emeralds and pearls fell apart like fire balls. She said list the sacred fire before them was only the sure medium to transfer them to the other world. The multi colour flashes emanating from the small vajra kachitha oddyanam (waist belt) suggested as to how chic should be a women�s waist.

The mani pravalla (pearl and coral) hara on her well propor�tioned heaving bosom depicted the picture of gushing rivulets cris�crossing the mountain path. When Vasavi, the Princess was standing on flower bedecked pedestal her charming face was lit red with the raging fire from the homagundam before her. Sweat drops from her broad fore�head (looking like pearls falling from a broken hara) in jerks were. moving down her cheeks to be collected at her royal chin only to find its way down to the earth.

First she spoke in a whispering tone as her lotus lips quivered like aspen leaves. She then spoke eloquently praising the Vysya commu�nity for their right decision in upholding their honour, by accepting to sacrifice their precious lives in the sacred fire. She said that love of good principles will triumph over lust, and that violence can be won by persistent non-violence. Her whispering language rose to a high pitch. The young princess�s thin frame gradually grew taller than the tallest of the trees and every one near her had to look up to see her. They were spell bound.

Her face became red and a halo of one thousand moons rose behind her head and drenched the yaga bhoomi in lime light. The royal Princess who looked like a woman of extra-ordinary beauty trans�formed into a celestial being possessing Ashta Dasa Kara (eighteen hands). A rathna kireetam throwing flames appeared on her head. The weapons of war, she had in her hands were shining like bright stars in the firmament. When she spoke, her voice was like thunder and her jewels flashed like lightning.

The figure of Vishnuvardhan, the quintessence of villainy, lust and evil stalking before her mind�s eye, transformed her (Neelothpala) blue eyes into blood shot ones. Her vajra vydoorya hara flowing from her neck to waist turned into kala sarpa breathing fire.The congregation realised that she was the incarnation of God�dess Parvathi. The elders and the youths had the Viswaroopa dharshan of Kanyaka Parameswari, the embodiment of Ahimsa and Dharmaraksha. Her stance infused fear into them.

When she saw the congregation of selfless souls trembling with fear, she become pleasant to look. Now a beautiful princess was standing on the pedestal. She was looking like a Goddess of peace and benevolence.

Vinayagar Decoration