Field of Cloth of Golden Fire

The elderly Couples followed their chief and his daughter in a procession to the field of cloth of golden fire just on the outskirts of the city through the main streets decorated with flags and festoons. The yagasala built on a secluded garden adjoining the city, was well guarded from the prying eyes of the billeted soldiers of Vishnuvardhan. A particular group uf courtesans kept the soldiers busy with their charm and drowned them with their affection. The soldiers who were home sick alter many a skirmishes end long travel found the much needed comfort in the embrace of the Devadasis.The tender arms softened the ferocity of the men at arms, spoiled them and spoiled them absolutely.

There were many communities other than Arva Vysyas who helped the yagna to be performed since they believed that they were upholding the honour of a woman. The processionists were led by the land�s best mangla vadhyam, (Nadhaswaram) chanting of vedas by pandits of repute and reverence behoving the divine yagna. The couple were gaily chatting with each other as if they were going to partake in an auspicious function.

The moving congregation all clad in white wearing sweetsmell�ing white jasmine garlands and mani pravalla veerakankannams was a sight to be hold. Kusuma Guptha entered the decorated yagasala with his daughter Vasavi and the fortunate ones to the accompaniment of Nadhaswaram and drumbeats. There was fire in every Homagundam. The whole place looked like a field of cloth of golden fire. They shouted �Nagareswara Swamiki Jai' Their voices reached the crescendo when they pronounced the names of the persons and the gothra to which they belonged.

In an arranged manner everyone entered the yagasala and stood in silence. Their Kulaguru, the incarnation of Brahma, blessed them on their holy mission and said that their noble act will be written in letters of gold and remembered as �Athmarpanam of Vasavi" along with her parent and relatives friends and citizens. The youngmen and girls were advised by the elders to follow the tenets of the Vysya community ordained by Sri vasavi and the teachings of SriBaskarapanthulu. They were instructed to be calm and courageous during trying times, and follow the cult of non-violence (Ahimsa) which is a sure path to victory adopted by their princess Vasavi.

The balanagars told the King Vishnuvardhan, that the whole city was, being decorated gaily and an yagna being performed to appease the Gods for a royal wedding. Those youngsters lulled the King into false belief that wedding has been successfully arranged by them.

Vinayagar Decoration